Do Golden Retrievers Shed? – A Full Guide

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Golden Retrievers are amazing dogs. Few will be able to argue with that! They’re lively and friendly and are essentially the perfect breed for family dogs. But if you or relatives are sensitive to dogs, it could quickly become a problem. What happens if shed?

Do Golden Retrievers, Shed?

Yes, Golden Retrievers can be medium to large shedders, primarily due to their thick fluffy, and double coats. Every year, they shed excessively due to their bodies adjusting to changes in the seasons (and in the temperature). If you own a Golden Retriever, you can expect to spend a lot of time grooming, including bathing and brushing.

How Much Do Golden Retrievers Shed?

Unfortunately, the Golden Retriever sheds lots. VetStreet ranked them 5th in the list of “dog breeds that shed the most.” There is no way to stop the Golden Retriever’s sheds. All you have to do is have to be able to manage it.

Suppose you’re considering purchasing the Golden Retriever. In that case, you must be aware that you will find yourself having to deal with lots of loose furs.

But don’t get away with it. It’s important to remember that all the positive aspects outweigh the “negative” aspects of owning the Golden Retriever that this dog can bring to your family and home.

The situation will worsen in the shedding season. You can anticipate cleaning your house daily and using a lint roller regularly. Golden Retrievers require more care for their fur than dogs with short hair. However, with a consistent routine, they will be easily manageable.

If you’re allergic to dogs, I’d recommend choosing a hypoallergenic animal instead. Many people are allergic to “dog dandruff” (called dander) which is released through the air due to the shed.

Why Do Golden Retrievers Shed So Much?

It is a natural process that animals can experience. Humans too shed damaged or old hair. It’s just that dogs have more hair than humans do. Therefore, their hair loss will be more obvious.

Why do Golden Retrievers specifically shed the most? In contrast to other breeds of dogs that shed, Golden Retrievers sport an extra coat. This means they have skin that is both a top coat and an undercoat. Both will be cleared frequently at various seasons.

Peak Shedding Season in Golden Retrievers

Most dogs with double coats typically shed lots of hair in autumn and spring. As winter approaches, it is a time when the weather can change to be colder.

The Golden Retrievers will shed summer coats to prepare for their winter coats in the autumn. As spring draws closer, the Golden Retriever is likely to take off its winter coat in preparation for a warmer summer coat.

The Golden Retriever is likely to go through the most severe sheds of the year during these periods. Even though they shed a lot in these two times, they’ll shed a fair amount throughout the season.

Excessive Shedding in Golden Retrievers

There are times when a Golden Retriever can have excessive shedding. For the owner, this isn’t very comforting. It could be a health issue or regular.

While we recommend seeking advice from a vet, they are several reasons to shed more frequently than usual.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Dog

The coat of a dog is intelligent. It can adjust its skin according to the surrounding temperature and exposure to sunlight.

Your dog’s coats will grow thicker and warmer in winter for dogs who spend most of their time outdoors. There will be more shed in the springtime.

If your dog is an indoor animal, the shed will be more frequent throughout the year because they won’t be required to shed their coat to keep warm or shed their skin to stay calm.

Also, if your Golden Retriever is an indoor dog and you’re planning to take your dog out, you can expect to see more sheds in seasonal changes.

How To Manage a Golden Retriever’s Shedding

You love your golden. However, you’re tired of hair in your clothing, furniture, and all over the floors.

Don’t be a jerk. There are steps you can implement to reduce the amount of hair that is clinging and floating around your life.

You should also be aware of whether there are medical issues or other reasons your golden is losing a lot of hair. If so, any medical problems, visiting a veterinarian, and treatment for any medical issues could help bring the excessive shed under control.

Regular Brushing

The act of brushing your golden’s coat can have many advantages. It helps stimulate his skin. It also gets rid of excess hair. This means that there’s less hair to come out in the environment.

Experts suggest brushing him at least three times a week. If you are able, brush him daily, especially during shedding.

You must ensure to utilize the proper grooming equipment. If you’re unsure about using the correct tools, consult with a groomer with experience grooming golden retrievers.

Many people recommend an undercoat rake to get rid of excess undercoat. Also, a slicker brush is recommended to remove hair that is too long.

Many people suggest using the Furminator to get rid of excess undercoats. It is advised not to use this tool too much as it can irritate your dog’s skin.

Massage your golden after brushing may assist in removing loose hair that was taken off from your hair by brushing. Use your fingers to run them along the same way their fur grows to eliminate excess hair.

The hair you take off through grooming won’t end over you or your surroundings.

Be careful not to cut off the glorious golden coat. The coat’s purpose is to regulate its temperature and shield its body from the elements.


Their overall well-being needs to keep sparkling golden. Golden experts advise bathing him at least once every two months. Also, the moment he’s soiled, he should wash it off.

Be careful not to over-bath, or you could dry out the skin and strip away the oil that protects the outer coat.

While bathing or bathed, offer him an easy massage to eliminate Dead hair.

To avoid more cleaning up or clogged pipes, use a hair strainer inside your bathtub to collect the hair that is taken out.

After bathing, make sure you dry you’re golden thoroughly. They are prone to developing hot spots, and moist areas underneath their coat can cause them to be more susceptible.

Be sure to use the best shampoo available. Avoid using one that contains excessive chemicals, which could be harmful to its health and dry the skin.

I’ve had great success with several shampoo brands that contain natural ingredients. They have had hair removed from their bodies and have not experienced any adverse reactions to the shampoos. My goldens smelled clean after bathing.

Lint Rollers

It is also possible to buy lint-type rolling rollers to remove hair from your clothes and furniture.

Spaying or Neutering

Goldens shed more frequently when their hormone balance is altered following spaying or neutering.


A high-quality diet is essential for your golden’s overall well-being. Also, a diet filled with fillers and poor quality ingredients could negatively impact its health, leading to dry skin and unhealthy and poor coats.

Some goldens can benefit from including Omega 3 fatty acids in their diet. They may result in better coats and skin that isn’t too dry.

Always check with your vet before making any nutritional changes to your pet’s diet.

I’ve been adding vet-approved salmon oil to my dogs’ diets for a long time. They’ve never experienced dry coats or skin.


Check for any allergies that your golden could be suffering from, regardless of whether it’s related to food or the environment.

Allergies can irritate the skin, rashes, and excessive shed.


The ticks and fleas can cause skin issues and excessive shed. Therefore, you should check your dog frequently to ensure that it does not have ticks or fleas. Follow a preventive plan which your veterinarian recommends.


Make sure your golden’s stress level is at a minimum. Like us, stress impacts the body and may result in excessive hair loss.

So, please do everything you can to aid him in not being stressed.

Keep a schedule for him as long as you can.

Feed him at regular times each day.

It is essential to ensure that your child gets adequate fitness for his age and health.

And satisfy his desire for playing and attention. Goldens attract attention and can become depressed if they are not provided with enough time with their loved family.

He loves your connection as much as you do!

Goldens are so tuned to us that they’ll be aware of our stress. If we’re stressed and anxious, they’ll likely also be. Therefore, keeping our stress levels down can benefit your dog and you.

Also, ensure that you get enough sleep and rest every day.


Indeed, regular vacuuming will not eliminate the golden hairs in your home; however, it can significantly aid. You won’t be able to have the golden hair-tumbleweeds which you’d typically have.

Some vacuums claim to be exceptional in getting rid of pet hair. Dyson’s aptly named “The Animal.” We have this one, and it can handle the rigors of many double-coated dogs put at it.


Goldens are fond of water. In the end, they’re retrievers!

If your child loves swimming, this can be a great way to remove the excess hair.

He’ll also require the aid of a bath or rinse to wash away any chlorine, salt, or other substances that build upon him following his adventures.

When your Golden Retriever takes a dip in the pool frequently, you’ll likely need to wash the filter regularly.

Beds and Throws

Make sure you have a comfortable pet bed for your precious. It can help keep your furniture clean.

They even have orthotic ones that your pet will love. Find one that has an easy-to-clean cover that will keep your dog and your home neat.

If you allow your dog be a pet to sit on your furniture, you could cover it with washable throws designed for this use.

My dogs can be to be on the furniture of the family room. I have only throw covers that can be washed and designed for the couch and the recliner. In the end, it is described as “furniture !”

Health Conditions

It might be a medical issue when your gold suddenly loses more frequently than usual. It could be thyroid problems, Cushing’s disease or other infections, allergies, or cancer.

The vet’s visit required us to figure out what was wrong.


Goldens are adorable gorgeous, intelligent, beautiful, and intelligent companions we’re fortunate to be able to. There’s no doubt they shed all year round.

And twice a year, they experience an over amount of shed when they blow out their coats in autumn and spring.

There are many ways to take care of their shed. It’s a small price to pay for this loyal relationship.

What did you do to control your golden’s shed?

We would like to know more about what you think about this in the comments section to the right.

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