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Nova Forme CytoGreens – Premium Green Superfood for Athletes! More Vitamin B12 Than A Steak, 21 X The Detoxifying Chlorophyll As A Serving Of Dark Leafy Greens, 100% Complete Bioavailable Plant-Based Protein!Premium Green Superfood for Athletes!In creating CYTOGREENS, we focused on highly concentrated, truly green, nutrient rich raw-sourced foods in amounts suitable for athletes who demand more from their bodies. MORE VITAMIN B12 THAN A STEAK 21 x THE DETOXIFYING CHLOROPHYLL AS A SERVING OF DARK LEAFY GREENS 100% COMPLETE BIOAVAILABLE PLANT-BASED PROTEIN 100% DAILY INTAKE OF VITAMIN A100% Lecithin-Free: (A common allergen & industrial emulsifier): Why pay for non-green, cheap filler Lecithin as the #1 Ingredient in leading greens supplements? CYTOGREENS has ZERO Lecithin! As much as 25% of top greens formulas contain this filler.High-Density, Chlorophyll-Rich Nutrients: The math is simple, CYTOGREENS has as much as DOUBLE or more of the Dark Green chlorophyll-rich nutrients as top greens supplements, so what are you paying for with other products, celery & soy?Filler-Free: Ultra-Concentrated means you are getting Chlorophyll-Rich Green Superfoods like Spirulina, Cracked-Cell Chlorella and Ultra-Fine Premium Matcha Green Tea No Fillers, No Colors, 100% Natural Flavor, 100% Natural Sweetener.Ultra-Potent ORAC-Listed Anti-Oxidants: CYTOGREENS has 346 mg of Standardized, Free-Radical Nutralizing, High-ORAC Anti-Oxidants (1.4 g if you count our Matcha Green Tea) look at most greens on the market, you wont find any ORAC rating, or even a standardization.Ingredient Amounts that Matter: Many so called green supplements supply dozens and dozens of ingredients at dosages that are so small, its a wonder they are there at all, 5 mg here, 10 mg there truly miniscule amounts.True Bio-Availability: CYTOGREENS has Cytozymes, a custom 9 enzyme high-potency blend that has as much as 40 times the enzyme activity of leading greens products. Cytozymes helps break down the raw, whole-food ingredients to help release nutrients for optimal digestion and bioavailability.Research-Backed: Key ingredients are backed by rigorous scientific studies to Improve Stamina and Endurance.CHLOROPHYLL: THE DETOXIFICATION HEAVY LIFTERSystemic Detoxification Over-burdened organs, digestion and immune systems cannot function optimally if they are over burdened by environmental stressors (toxins). Raw Chorophyll is the basis for all green plants to convert sunlight to energy. This is also the core driver of the truly GREEN ingredients that make up 84.6% of the CYTOGREENS formula! Aside from the extremely broad variety of benefits that chlorophyll provides; It is the raw, whole food based chlorophyll in CYTOGREENS that is the Heavy Lifter for systemic detoxification.In fact some of the ingredients in CYTOGREENS are successfully used in cases of acute toxicity in patients who have been poisoned by heavy metals exposure. Just imagine what they will do for you. Chlorophyll literally binds to highly damaging toxins (such as mercury, lead and arsenic that can build up over time) and shuttles them out of your body.Highly effective and optimally dosed organic-source Milk Thistle (80% Extract) has a long track record of effective liver detoxification. While other so-called greens give you an ineffective dosage of 15 mg, 25 mg maybe 50 mg CYTOGREENS understands the value of these ingredients and has included a full 200 mg in every serving.1 SERVING OF CYTOGREENS HAS 21x THE CHLOROPHYLL AS A FULL SERVING OF DARK LEAFY GREENS!pH Balancing (De-Acidification / Alkalyzation) With a diet high in protein-rich meat consumption and a broad range of other acidifying dietary consumables, the western diet has left most, especially athletes more acidic than they should be optimally. This pressures your whole system to consistently buffer that acidity. The whole, raw-source greens within CYTOGREENS is ideal for creating a more alkaline system. The benefit to you as

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