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Animal Meal Protein – A High-Quality Balanced Meal Replacement Protein Powder That Relies On All-Natural Food-Based Ingredients! Protein Muscle Food That Is Free Of Artificial Colors, Sweeteners & Preservatives!Animal Meal Protein Powder – A High-Quality Balanced Meal Replacement Powder That Relies On All-Natural Food-Based Ingredients!Free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives, Animal Meal Protein is a simple, natural, and wholesome approach to the crowded meal replacement powder category. Animal Meal MRP contains close to the perfect 1:1:1 ratio of macronutrients (protein:carbohydrates:fat) that are important to Evan Centopani when replacing a whole food meal. Those proteins, carbohydrates and fats are sourced from seven whole foods in powdered form: beef, eggs, peas, sweet potatoes, oats, cassava root (yuca), and olive oil. The idea behind Animal Meal protein is simple make a powder as close to a freshly prepared whole food meal as possible and make that powder extremely digestible without causing gastrointestinal distress.No artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservativesNo dairyBalanced macros from quality food-based ingredients46g of quality protein per servingSuperior digestion without gastrointestinal upsetMaximum nutrient assimilationFREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSWho would benefit from taking Animal Meal MRP?Anyone looking for a balanced, extremely easy to digest, and high-quality source of macronutrients can benefit from the regular use of Animal Meal Protein. You dont have to be an elite athlete or bodybuilder to benefit from Animal Meal replacement use either.How often should I drink this?Because Animal Meal Protein was specifically designed to be food-based and all-natural, there is really no limit as to how often you can use it. That said, we know that whole, solid food should always serve as the basic foundation for our daily diets. Thats why you should use Animal Meal Muscle Food when you might not have time for or access to a freshly prepared, healthy and balanced meal.How is Animal Meal Protein different from other conventional meal replacements?Animal Meal ticks all the boxes whereas other MRPs leave the job half done. Animal Meal MRP is supremely digestible, assimilates efficiently, contains only the highest quality ingredients, has balanced macronutrients, is all-natural and great tasting.I’m allergic to milk does Animal Meal Protein contain any dairy?Animal Meal is 100% free of dairy and lactose. Animal Meal meal replacement was purposefully designed to omit dairy completely.If there is no dairy, what type of protein is in this product?Animal Meal Protein was formulated using an optimal blend of beef isolate, whole egg, egg white, and pea proteins to create a nutritional advantageous amino acid profile. Why are the fats so high compared to other meal replacements?A balanced meal is our approach, one that is rich is protein, carbohydrates AND quality fats. The nutrient profile of other meal replacements continues to mirror an outdated nutritional approach. How is Animal Meal Protein different than Animal Whey?While Animal Whey is solely a source of protein (whey), Animal Meal Protein is a source of nutrition in the form of the three macronutrientsprotein, carbs and fat. Further, while whey protein has a very high biological and nutritional value, a large number of people are unable to consume dairy proteins without negative gastrointestinal effects due to either lactose or milk allergies which are quite common.Can Animal Meal Protein also be used

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