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High-Potency Lean Weight Gainer w/ Multi-Stage Proteins & Carbohydrates! MMU Is Used By Collegiate Athletes, Powerlifters & Individuals With Physically Demanding Jobs!High-Potency Lean Weight Gainer w/ Multi-Stage Proteins & Carbohydrates!Quality calories for quality mass.If you want to gain mass (weight), typically you want it to be quality mass, which means mostly muscle. This is easier said than done, particularly if you are very active, such as an athlete who trains twice a day or a delivery driver who lifts heavy appliances up and down stairs. To be successful, youve got to train hard and eating lots of quality calories. MMU makes accomplishing the latter easier, and more enjoyable.Size: 5 lb (2.27 kg)(About 23 servings)Flavors: Chocolate, VanillaBenefits: Muscle Building & Preservation Recovery Weight Gain: MMU is used by collegiate athletes, powerlifters, off-season bodybuilders, and individuals with physically demanding jobs.Why people like it Fans of MMU vanilla have compared its taste to cheesecake, creamy whip ice cream, tapioca, vanilla pudding, and crème brulee. The aroma of MMU chocolate is like cocoa. The taste reminds you of drinking a glass of fresh milk mixed with a spoonful of your favorite chocolate syrup as a child. Stomach-friendly: MMU is easy to digest. Potency: To make gaining mass easier, we boosted the energy density of MMU to 390 Calories per serving.* Unique formula: MMU contains a blend of 4 fast and slow proteins, 11 carbohydrates, and healthy fats from coconut oil and medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). MMU contains more protein and less sugar than some popular mass gainers. No-nonsense formula: Other mass gainers may claim to provide more calories per serving. But dont be fooled by the numbers. Read the label carefully before buying. These high-calorie claims may be based on the number of calories provided by mixing the product with whole milk, not water. For instance, one popular mass gain product claims that it contains 900 Calories, but this is based on adding 2 cups of whole milk, providing an additional 296 Calories, 16 g of fat and 24 g of sugar (mainly lactose). Every bottle of MMU provides a true 390 Calories. Theres no nonsense about it.How do I choose between MMU and other Beverly proteins? Choose MMU if: you are a hard-training athlete or very active individual trying to gain or maintain quality weight, or you want a traditional meal replacement that is complete with high-quality protein, carbohydrate, and fat.Who its ideal forIndividuals from a variety of athletic and fitness backgrounds use MMU to assist with weight gain and maintenance, and enhance recovery: Hard gainers Powerlifters Professional strongmen Off-season physique athletes (bodybuilding, figure, fitness, etc.) Athletes from football, basketball, soccer, and other competitive sports Individuals with physically demanding jobs (e.g. moving, construction)Secrets to Success The best times to take MMU are first thing in the morning, after workouts or practice, and as a meal replacement. At least one serving (2 scoops) should be taken immediately after workout or practice. If you require more calories, simply add more scoops of MMU when preparing your shake. Add 5 oz of cold water for each additional scoop. You may also add milk, cream, a banana, or your favorite nut butter to MMU to increase the energy density of your shakes. Travel Tip: Put 2-4 scoops of MMU in a Ziploc bag and tuck it inside your shaker bottle. Hard gainers: Add Multiple Enzyme Complex (

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