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FINAFLEX Clear Protein – Promote Lean Muscle Mass And Increase Strength, Fat Loss And Muscle Retention, Great Milkshake Taste!Premier Protein Drink Mix!CLEAR PROTEIN™ delivers 25 grams of the highest quality protein available in each serving, and features Whey Protein Hydrosylate (Hydrolyzed Whey), regarded as the premier form of whey protein on the market. Using instantized proteins virtually guarantees a smooth, full-bodied milkshake-like consistency each and every time CLEAR PROTEIN™ is mixed in just 6-8 ounces of water or other beverage.All flavors of FINAFLEX® CLEAR PROTEIN™ are exclusively formulated with PentaPhase® Protein Technology. PentaPhase® boasts a unique blend of 5 different time-released, instantized proteins that break down in the body over 5 distinct phases, in 5 hours! WHY WHEY?Whey protein is widely considered the most effective form of protein you can introduce into your system. By repairing muscle tissue with muscle protein synthesis, whey will give your muscles the fuel they need to grow bigger and stronger. Hydrolyzed whey protein is treated to isolated the amino acids found in the whey, giving you an ingredient made up of 90-95% protein.PentaphasePentaPhase® creates an environment in the body that is primed for muscle growth and recovery. The time-released break down of these proteins allows for muscles to utilize (assimilate) protein more efficiently and effectively, maximizing the absorption of the amino acids into muscles. These instantized proteins break down in the body over 5 distinct phases, in 5 hours!Phase 1 – Hydrolyzed Whey rapidly absorbed by muscles.Phase 2 & 3 – Whey Isolate & Whey Protein broken down.Phase 4 & 5 – Milk Protein Isolate (80% Casein, 20% Whey) digested. QUALITY IS ONLY HALF THE BATTLEIn order to build muscle quickly and get the full benefits from your workout, introducing quality protein into your body is a must. But it’s not the only thing you need to maximize muscle recovery and growth.The protein you take must ALSO: BE EASILY DIGESTIBLE High bio-availabilty allows you to repair muscle fibers faster and allows you to achieve your dream body easier. The harder your body has to work to utilize the protein, the more likely you are to experience bloating, stomach cramps, nausea, and other uncomfortable side effects. On top of that, any protein your body can’t digest will simply go to waste. Your body can only process around 25-35g of protein at a time. Use CLEAR PROTEIN to get your dream body with a reliable method to deliver the right protein in the right way. TASTE DELICIOUS ENOUGH TO EAT EVERY DAYIf there was one food you could eat every day, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, what would it be? Ice cream? Hamburgers? Pizza? Hot Wings? Chances are, even your favorite food would

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