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Limit 1 Per Order! While Supplies Last!FINAFLEX Stimul8 – SHREDDING Pre-Workout! Endurance, Ripping Matrix & Unparalleled Energy! Stimul8 Engages The Body Into Extreme Thermogenesis While Preserving & Increasing Lean Muscle Mass!SHREDDING Pre-Workout! Endurance, Ripping Matrix & Unparalleled Energy! FINAFLEX STIMUL8 is an Ultimate Super Pre-Workout built for both men and women that STIMULATES your workout like never before! The tested and true STIMUL8 formula is powered by ingredients designed to provide you with the energy, strength, and endurance needed to take your workout to the next level! STIMUL8 built with IRISINXD, found only in FINAFLEX products, making the STIMUL8 formula like no other pre-workout on the market! STRIVE TO BE GREAT, DRINK STIMUL8!Game changer:Pre Workout is a complete game-changer for anyone who wants to get the most out of their workout. Increase your muscle endurance and your mind’s focus so you can workout longer, harder, and deliver massive results to their routine. Our unique blend of CarnoSyn and IrisinXD has been scientifically tested on a wide range of athletes and has been clinically proven to improve endurance, delay fatigue, enhance mental focus, increase muscle size, and reduce recovery time.Use STIMUL8 to unleash beast mode: As a dietary supplement mix 1 serving (1 scoop) of STIMUL8® with 8-16 oz of cold water and consume immediately upon mixing. Drink 15-30 minutes prior to workout or exercise regimen. If you are sensitive to caffeine or other stimulants it is suggested to start by using 1/2 serving of STIMUL8® to determine tolerance. DO NOT exceed recommended dosage.Your body’s secret to more energy:Muscles receive energy from a molecule called ATP. If you ever try to engage in a physical activity, you’ll notice that your muscles quickly become weak. This is because your muscles are running out of ATP and as they try to pull energy from glucose in the blood, lactic acid begins to build up. This acid prevents the body from turning glucose into energy leaving you feeling tired and sluggish. By raising your carnosine levels, your able to reduce the lactic acid in your muscles so they can continue to feel energized throughout your entire workout. Note: Manufacturers continually change product specifications. While we try our best to keep product descriptions up to date, they do not necessarily reflect the latest information available from the manufacturer. We are not responsible for incorrect or outdated product descriptions and/or images.

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