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Goliath Labs Ejaculoid – All Natural Male Explosions! Increase Semen Volum, Boost Fertility In A Huge Way!Increase Semen Volume – Boost Fertility In A Huge Way!The testis produces the spermatozoa for the semen. However, at the time the spermatozoa leave the testis, they still are not mature. They can only swim in a poorly-coordinated fashion, and they are not yet fully capable of fertilization. Ejaculoid provides your body with the proper stimulation and nutrients to activate spermatozoa production. You will see that other fluids that contribute to the semen help to fully activate the spermatozoa. The spermatozoa move out of the testis and into the epididymus continually. Ejaculoid will let you ejaculate with power. It’s designed for stronger ejaculations with multiple spurts. Ejaculoid HighlightsGuaranteed to Increase Semen Volume- Our proven formula naturally increases the amount of semen you produce. (See our study below)Lower refractory period- Recover for the next sexual encounter fasterIncreased sexual desire – Enhanced sex drive allows for more encountersEjaculate with Power- Stronger ejaculation with multiple spurtsBoost your fertility and confidence – Increased sperm motilityMore Energy – Feel younger and more energetic with extra driveDoctor Approved – Breakthrough formulation, laboratory tested.

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