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Fat Burning Beef Protein Isolate! Reduces Hunger & Curbs Cravings, Enhanced With Potent Thermogenic Agents, Packed With Amino Acids, Creatine & BCAAs!Burn Fat, Build Muscle & Increase Energy!CARNIVOR SHRED is the ultimate fat burning and muscle building solution, featuring the incredible power of CARNIVOR Beef Protein Isolate and powerful shredding agents such as Super 6-Paradol, green tea, yerba mate and green coffee bean. CARNIVOR SHRED helps activate brown adipose tissue (BAT) and boosts your metabolism to get you ripped.Revolutionary BAT Activation TechnologyUsing a Revolutionary BAT Activation Technology for extreme fat burning, CARNIVOR SHRED:Contains the clinically tested ingredient Super 6-Paradol a compound derived from a plant native to West Africa called Grains of Paradise to help generate heat, release fatty acids from stored fat and trigger thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue (BAT).Helps boost metabolism to burn up to 100 extra calories daily equal to the calories burned while running 1 mile.Is packed with potent natural plant extracts and herbs rich in polyphenols, methylxanthines and caffeine that work synergistically to enhance fat burning. Helps reduce hunger, decrease cravings and promote satiety. Promotes powerful energizing and mood enhancing effects to take the edge off dieting and help you feel great. Provides an energizing boost of caffeine to increase energy levels.CARNIVOR SHRED utilizes an advanced fat burning technology that helps activate fat burning in brown adipose tissue (BAT). This is accomplished by activating Uncoupling Protein 1 (UCP-1) via a unique compound known as Super 6-Paradol. This compound is derived from a plant native to West Africa called Grains of Paradise, and it has been show in clinical studies to upregulate UCP-1. This UCP-1 upregulation enhances fat burning in brown adipose tissue by shuttling fatty acids from stored body fat into the mitochondria to generate heat and trigger thermogenesis. Utilizing fatty acids from stored body fat, rather than ATP from muscle tissue, is a unique fat burning mechanism of UCP-1 and brown adipose tissue and one of the key fat burning actions and benefits of CARNIVOR SHRED.CARNIVOR SHRED also provides natural caffeine, methylxanthines and polyphenols from green tea, yerba mate and green coffee bean. These compounds enhance fat burning and boost the metabolism for added thermogenic benefits.CARNIVOR SHRED THERMOGENIC INGREDIENTSGrains of Paradise (Aframomum melegueta) Super 6-ParadolActivates BAT and UCP-1.UCP-1 increases the cells, ability to grab white adipose tissue (WAT) and pour it into BAT to burn as heat.BAT plays a crucial role in non-shivering thermogenesis and is activated by exposure to cold temperatures.The rate of metabolism in all tissues, other than BAT, is determined by utilization of ATP. UCP-1 and BAT are unique in that they do not follow this same metabolic pathway and preferentially burn fat to produce heat. Caffeine is well documented to support exercise performance and concentration. It has been shown in clinical studies to:Enhance endurance performance by as much as 17%.Increase strength and power by as much as 20%.Reduce fatigue by 6%.Yerba Mate provides a natural source of caffeine and theophylline, a methylxanthine found in cocoa that has been partially credited for the feel good effect that comes from eating chocolate.CARNIVOR SHRED BEEF PROTEIN Worlds #1 Selling Beef Protein Isolate Backed By Research to Build Muscle!It has long been known that bodybuilders, athletes and fitness enthusiasts consume high amounts of beef to help build muscle, increase strength and improve performance. CARNIVOR SHRED, which exclusively contains CARNIVOR Beef Protein Isolate (BPI), is unlike any other protein supplement.23 grams of pure beef protein with 0 fat, 0 cholesterol, 0 sugar, 0 lactose and 0 gluten per serving!No gelatin or collagen.

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