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The Most Extreme Pumps, Vascularity & Hardness, Advanced Pre-Workout Formula For Powerful Sensory Effects, Rapid Diffusion Technology!The Most Extreme Pumps, Vascularity, & Hardness! If youve ever felt a pump while training, then youve experienced the unexplainable muscular expansion that takes place as muscles are flooded with anabolically charged blood. In that very moment, youre primed for unrestrained growth the normal slow and steady supply of nutrients your muscles received throughout the day is dramatically cranked up as your muscle fibers become engorged with blood!Now, if you really want to want to unlock the anabolic floodgates to massive growth and extreme, vein-swelling vascularity, you need to harness the power of nitric oxide. The ability of nitric oxide to produce and sustain pumps is no secret and nitric oxide products have been on the market for well over a decade however, the true potential that was there was not known until Team MuscleTech® unleashed the original naNOX9® formula in 2006. Suddenly, bodybuilders and other athletes everywhere no longer had to wait for their nitric oxide supplement to kick in. naNOX9 diffused so quickly and delivered such a strong surge of nutrient-rich blood to the muscles that it left athletes raving about their dramatic increases in the size of the muscles and in vascularity to this day!And now, 10 years after reinventing the nitric oxide category with the most powerful pill of its kind, Team MuscleTech proudly introduces naNOX9® Next Gen the next generation of this incredible nitric oxide amplifier!naNOX9 Next Gen is a superior nitric oxide powerhouse that also delivers the performance booster beta-alanine and unique sensory effects compared to the other guys. After your very first dose, youll experience the craziest pumps, fullness and vascularity!The most extreme pumps, vascularity & hardness!Scientifically studied for muscle performance!Advanced pre-workout formula for powerful sensory effects!Rapid diffusion technology!THE POWER OF THE PUMPWhen youre training, you want to maximize blood flow into the region you want to build. Simply put, if you deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the exercising muscle and get rid of waste products, your training will be more effective and you will recover from the set more quickly. And all of this blood works to remove the lactic acid, carbon dioxide and any other byproducts of the muscular contraction, and to exchange these waste products for the energy and nutrients the muscle needs to continue the muscular contraction process. The result? Totally amazing pumps during your workouts. Nitric oxide (NO) is a hormone that increases blood flow to the muscle and, as a result, has pronounced effects on muscle pumps. The amount of NO your body makes is tightly controlled by an enzyme called nitric oxide synthase. When you train hard, the activity of nitric oxide synthase increases, which means more NO is made. When you start exercising, signals are sent to the nitric oxide synthase enzymes to make a lot more NO. This allows NO to work quickly on the muscles and the blood vessels to create a pump and influence muscle expansion.naNOX9 Next Gen uses Nitrosigine a new, patented complex of inositol-stabilized arginine silicate that cranks up NO levels to force the most unbelievable pumps imaginable!RAPID DIFFUSIONCaplet diffusion begins immediately after you take naNOX9® Next Gen, forcing faster, more powerful muscle-flooding pumps. As soon as the caplet coating becomes wet, the disintegration process begin

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