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Now Advanced Gamma E Complex – Advanced Antioxidant Protection! Mixed Tocopherols And Tocotrienols!Advanced Antioxidant Protection!Emerging research demonstrates that gamma-Tocopherol, the most abundant form of Vitamin E in the diet, has very important and unique functions. Central to these functions is its capacity to detoxify reactive nitrogen species, an especially destructive form of free radical. In addition, gamma-Tocopherol acts to trap and remove free radicals from the body in a way that alpha-Tocopherol cannot. NOW Advanced Gamma E Complex provides the necessary full range of antioxidant protection because it contains a more natural balance of Tocopherols plus a full complement of Tocotrienols. NOW’s “Advanced” formula thereby provides superior support for cardiovascular health, as well as protection for the health of the prostate and the colon.

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