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Duel-Phasic Free Test/Nitric Oxide Elevator! 42% Increase In Free Testosterone, 23% Increase In ATP, 19% In Oxidative Phosphorylation Ratio (Oxygen Sparing)!Dual-Phasic Free Test/Nitric Oxide Elevator!We are proud to bless the athletic masses with yet another novel, performance-enhancing product based purely on human, orally efficacious research. D-Pol combines provocative, emerging research regarding natural testosterone elicitation and nitric oxide production, to yield the industry’s first, validated, dual-phasic Lutenizing Hormone/Free Testosterone elevator AND true nitric oxide potentiator.Research validates: 33% increase in LH!42% increase in Free Testosterone!23% increase in ATP!19% in oxidative phosphorylation ratio (oxygen sparing)!Aids in:Intense strength and lean muscle accrual through increased circulating Free Testosterone levels!Prolonged exercise endurance due to greater mitochondrial efficiency and enhanced oxygen-carrying blood flow!Superior nutrient delivery due to heightened and sustained vasodilation!Extremely increased virility (i.e. sex-drive)! D-Pol contains a carefully selected blend of ingredients, based on human evidence for oral effect in relation to multiple aspects of health and performance. It supports increased natural testosterone synthesis and TRUE nitric oxide production via a secondary entero-salivary pathway which elicits unbridled muscle growth, enhanced recovery, oxygen sparing effects (mitochondrial efficiency), increased exercise duration, and enhanced nutrient absorption. This is a dual-phasic product perfectly tailored for the strength/power or endurance athlete. D-aspartic acidConsidering the sound evidence for a role of DAA in testosterone synthesis, a human study was recently performed to assess the effectiveness of oral DAA supplementation with regards to testosterone elevation (Topo et al., 2009). Subjects included 43 men (27-37 yrs), 20 who received a placebo and 23 who received a DAA supplement (3.12 grams of DAA combined with B-vitaminsthe same dosage of DAA provided within d-pol). The supplement was delivered orally for 12 days. Following the 12 days of treatment with the supplement, 20 of the 23 subjects (87%) had significantly higher circulating LH levels, with an average increase of 33%. With regards to circulating testosterone, 20 of the 23 subjects (87%) had significantly higher values at day 12 compared to pretreatment, with an average increase of 42%. For both LH and testosterone, the changes were time dependenta greater increase was observed on day 12 compared to day 6 of treatment. Therefore, it is hypothesized that continued treatment would have resulted in a further increase in these variables.At the present time, it is unknown what amount of DAA would need to be orally ingested by humans in order to increase aromatase activity. No adverse outcomes were noted in the Topo et al. (2009) investigation, however, as with other testosterone stimulating agents, a cyclic schedule of supplementation is recommended unless personal assessment deems otherwise. If adhering to this recommendation, and considering the inclusion of vitamin D within D-Pol, it may be most logical to cycle off during periods of optimal sunlight exposure (i.e. summer, when natural vitamin D synthesis would be highestsee text below for additional information pertaining to this). Vitamin BAside from the myriad of positive metabolic effects B vitamins have, of greatest importance in relation to the use of these vitamins within D-Pol, these B-vitamins have been used in combination with DAA for purposes of elevating circulating testosterone: B9 (folic acid), B6 (pyridoxine), and B12 (cyanocobalamin). Because dietary folic acid is not well metabolized to the active form by some individuals due to a genetic defect within the folate pathway, the naturally occurring form of this vitamin (folate) is included within D-Pol.

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