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Purus Labs NOXygen – Pre-Workout Accelerator! NOXygen Is A Stimulant-Free Blood Flow And Oxygen Amplifier! Supports Increased N.O. Production! Clump Up The Volume! Alert: This Product Contains Clumps!Stimulant-Free Blood Flow & Oxygen Amplifier! Clump Up The Volume! Alert: This Product Contains Clumps!The industry is saturated with haphazardly thrown together, underwhelming preworkout concoctions that are designed for marketability and profitability, not performance. Aware of this epidemic, and knowing we cannot feasibly convince every individual on the planet to use Purus Labs ConDense for superior pre workout priming, we proceeded to create an unflavored, stimulant-free preworkout additive. This allows consumers to affordably spike any other companys pre workout, ensuring a truly effective performance experience. The only thing more appealing is that we made it ridiculously economical for a 40 serving container, so none would be excluded from the industry-first rave we have created.NitrateneWe utilize the vasodilatory and oxygenating benefits of Nitratene naturally occurring dietary nitrates to create a biphasic approach to oxygen delivery. These nitrates support your bodys ability to synthesize ATP (muscular energy) by using less oxygen during the process, thereby creating an oxygen sparing environment for your cells. Intuitively, this, leads to enhanced energetic performance. We have initiated third-party clinical research on a single dose of our Nitratene, and preliminary results have shown 3.5x increases in NOx after just 14 days of usage. This is some of the most powerful data, of any supplement, weve ever come across. Were proud to have been the first to bring you Nitratene, as it now quickly becomes an industry benchmark and begins to appear in the competitions formulas.HydroMaxAnother industry-pioneering material we are introducing is HydroMax, our high molecular weight, water soluble glycerol inclusion. It yields the highest pure glycerol content of any other form available (12x more glycerol than traditional glycerol monostearate), plus it is water soluble, unlike the other forms. Glycerol is an osmotic compound, much like the amino acids creatine and taurine, drawing and retaining water within muscle cells, hence volumizing them. More intramuscular water volume increases muscle size immediately, aids in mechanical advantage (lifting more weight), enhances hydration and helps prevent injury. Researchers have seen up to a 24% increase in endurance and others have observed a 5% increase in power or work. During the formulation stage, we conducted independent research at a third party accredited research lab and found HydroMax induced a huge intramuscular fluid shift, as elucidated by DEXA scan in multiple athletic individuals.Typical Effect of Acute Resistance Exercise on DEXA-measured Changes in Lean Mass Using HydroMax Dosage, Parallel to Purus Labs NOXygen Inclusion Dosage. As you can see above in the first graph, the lean mass % increase observed with NOXygens HydroMax dosage was over double the increase seen by resistance training alone.Effect of HydroMax Glycerol Dosage, Parallel to Purus Labs NOXygen Inclusion Dosage, on BIA-measured Changes in Fluid Volumes *TBW= Total Body Water, ECF= Extracellular Fluid, ICF= Intracellular Fluid*BLUE= water only, RED= preworkout powder, GREEN= Preworkout + NOXygens HydroMax dosageIn this second graph, you can see that our dosages increase Total Body Water but also that the increase is predominantly intracellular (good, full muscles) instead of extracellular (bad, bloated) fluid. We also can clearly see the immense impact HydroMax had on Intracellular Fluid (GREEN), once added to the pre workout powder. This is prec

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