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It is believed that the Turkish Boz Shepherd is a huge ancient dog that hails that comes from The Northern Urfa Mountains of Southern Turkey. The breed is bred to endure extreme cold or hot temperatures. This powerful dog is a great protector of livestock. It also has an external prey drive, that is. They guard rather than taking on other animals.

A loyal and dedicated dog is the perfect family pet. They’ll protect your family members with their lives; however, most importantly, their weight and size are enough to deter any shrewd criminal. It accommodates children of all ages, even permitting them to ride like horses.

It is believed that the Turkish Boz Shepherd was used as a guardian for families, and security dogs and police officers have employed them as a part of the force. As guardians and protectors of the livestock, they are perfectly trained for this job and can confront any threat posed to them. They are gentle and calm with their sheep and are usually in the same flock as the sheep who sleep alongside them. As companions, they are cute and loving. However, they’re big, which means you require more than a home for them to live in.

Turkish Boz Shepherd Health



Height: 28-35 inches

Weight: 120-190 lbs


Height: 26-33 inches

Weight: 100-170 lbs

Major Concerns

  • None Known

Minor Concerns

  • Ear Infections
  • Legg-Calve-Perthes-Disease

Occasional Diagnoses

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Bloat

Occasional Tests

  • Ear Examination
  • Complete and regular Exam By Veterinarian
  • Serum Work as well as Serum Chemistry Tests
  • Tests and Analysis of Blood Tests and Analysis
  • Elbow and Hip X-rays

Turkish Boz Shepherd Breed History

A Turkish Boz Shepherd is a breed born by natural factors rather than deliberate breeding. The species is closely associated with Kangal, Anadolu, Kars, and Akbash breeds but is distinct from them.

The canine is among the oldest dogs around the globe, with a history that goes thousands of years back. They have fewer ailments due to their evolution. They are known for their instinct to form bonds. Whether with the animals they guard or their families, The Turkish Boz Shepherd can be an instinctual and robust protector of both. The nomadic tribes of the past, called Bozoklar (a reference to Brown Arrows), originated from the Boz Mountains region and walked with shepherd dogs. The name Boz means “Big Strong Fighting Man” ‘.

For over 8,000 years, The Turkish Boz Shepherd has refined their breed by responding to natural causes. Consequently, it has created a distinctive healthful body and long-lasting lifespan for a huge breed. The dog was renowned for its well-trained and efficient guardian behavior, agility, and endurance. As guardians of nomads’ herds of sheep, they are only more effective.

The growth of several regions, which has led to the decline of these gentle giants, is decreasing. However, a Turkish native named Akin Tulubas is determined to protect his beloved Turkish Boz Shepherd and has been working tirelessly to bring the great dog back to their home country and raise awareness about the breed. He advocates sustainable breeding practices and the preservation of this fantastic and inspirational dog.

Turkish Boz Shepherd Breed Appearance

The Turkish Boz Shepherd is in the same league as their counterparts. They’re sturdy in their build and muscular and have an appearance of a box because they’re taller than they are significant. Their muzzle is short and has an elegant head form. They can reach up to 36 inches in height and height and weight up to 190lbs, which is an impressive number of dogs.

The body is a robust bones structure with a large chest and straight legs. These traits make Boz Boz the athletic speed and endurance they need. The paws of their feet are padded, and they are equipped with web feet, which are required to travel through the snow during winter.

Turkish Boz Shepherd. Their coat is thick but shorter, perhaps with a soft, soft undercoat, and they can be adapted to both cold and hot extremes of temperatures. Dark eyes with a smug look, floppy ears that can’t hear any sound, and a calm, vigilant and attentive disposition contribute to Boz Shepherds’ awe-inspiring appearance and character. Gold-colored and often wearing a black mask, their appearance is stunning. With their gold-colored hearts and muscular physique, they are born protectors driven to protect their family, home, or stock when required.

Turkish Boz Shepherd Breed Maintenance

Although the Turkish Boz Shepherd has shorter fur, they require regular brushing every week. Similar to other dogs, their skin gets thicker in winter. Therefore, they’ll need a brushing routine every day when it starts to shed. The Boz requires a regular exercise routine to keep them healthy since they possess tremendous speed and endurance for a considerable body. If your dog is a working breed, it will be the only thing they need since they can travel for miles in the company of their stock with keen attention to their movements.

A healthy breed will need to have their ears examined for infections, and their teeth must be cleaned regularly. It is not necessary to bathe unless they get caught in something sour. In general, a gentle massage with a damp cloth is needed. They are easy to look after and fun and dedicated to their family. They make a great partner.

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